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Painting Studio

Photographs for pet portraits

I paint your portrait based on your favourite photos. I don’t use digital processes or photoshop. Your custom portrait is much more than copying a photo – I aim to capture the pet's personality in a handmade painting that brings your pet to life.

This guidance should help you choose the photos that will help me to bring your pet to life



Outdoor photos taken in natural light, which show your pets eye colour and coat colour work best.  It's often very difficult to find a single great quality photo that highlights a pet’s personality the best.  I am always happy to receive a collection of photos that taken together tell a story or showcase different personality traits.


Photos where your pet is looking at you and taken at the same level as they are generally work best.  Those taken from above can distort the proportions of the face.



I prefer to work from digital photographs but I would recommend using registered post to send any hard copy photos.

I generally keep the background simple to make your pet the star of the show.  If you would like a special background, toy or favourite blanket I will do my best to oblige.

Multi pet portraits

If you would like a portrait of all your pets together, I understand how impossible it is to photograph them all sitting nicely next to each other.


I will work with as many images as I can, so that I can create the right composition to combine them in one painting.

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