Painting Studio

Your Photos

I paint your portrait based on one of your favourite photos. I don’t use digital processes or photoshop. Your custom portrait is much more than copying a photo – I aim to capture the pet's personality in a handmade painting.

It's sometimes hard to decide which photo to choose so here is some guidance that might help.



Photos taken outdoors in natural light usually work much better than flash.  

The photo needs to be in focus and ideally to show the coat and eye colour although, I can usually fix colours based on other reference photos. 

Eye level

Photos taken at the same level as your pet are usually best.  If you are looking down when you take the photo  the shape of the face can be distorted


Fill the frame

Your pet needs to be the star of the show.  Try to fill the photograph with your pet.  


I prefer to work from digital photographs but I would recommend using registered post to send any hard copy photos.